Friday, April 9, 2010


One of the few aspects of Second Life (and other MMOWs to some extent or other) which have no parallel in RL is the rather ambiguous state of being known as afk, Away From Keyboard.

It's a way of recognizing and dealing with the fact that our avatars do not map 1:1 onto our physical selves.


  1. Actually, for me there is a similar state in RL. Since I was a child I have a habit of occasionally going into a trance-like state whereby I simply 'go off' somewhere and stare blankly at absolutely nothing for anything up to a minute and become totally oblivious to my surroundings. This can occur standing or sitting. Someone told me once this resembles a form of epilepsy known as a 'petit mal' seizure. I keep an open mind on the subject.

  2. Oh, interesting! I'll ask you to talk about that if/when we do a session on AFK.

  3. meep! :)

    (on a related note, this damn captcha even after I've logged in with my google account is rather annoying.)